Food Hub

Foodhub is a second winning project of GES 2017 by Jangwani secondary school students – Doreen Michael, Juliet Sewava and Josephine Brown. The project aims at supplying students with standard meal to keep their energy throughout the day while they are at school. The food is safely kept in packages where students can purchase at affordable price. The food contains energy-giving nutrients such as complex carbohydrates and vitamins.

This service by Foodhub comes after realizing the truth that most students skip meals while at school because they can’t afford the meals sold around the school or the food services are far from school compounds. Therefore, Foodhub comes with a customized food packages for students to keep their body energy and mind in normal performance.

Skipping meals is bad for students because it makes them sluggish and with reduced attention during class lessons which in turn, leads to poor academic performance. The human brain is like a computer which needs to plugged into power in order to function, when a student is hungry, the brain fails to process new information coming from class lessons.

Foodhub therefore promotes health brain by providing nutritious packaged food for students to consume during study hours instead of having to wait for eight hours to go and get food at home. Foodhub believes ‘Zero hunger in schools is possible’

Juliet Sewava, one of FoodHub’s founders shares her experience with Apps and Girls

My experience in Apps & Girls and why it has been valuable to me.
Since I was in primary school, I loved playing with computers, I used to play games, draw and create short stories using Microsoft word. When I reached secondary school I chose computer studies as an optional subject, here I got to learn more about computers but the knowledge was still not enough to help me bring a change to the society. Then Apps & Girls came to our school as a club and I fell in love with them the moment they started explaining what the club was all about. I was intrigued by inspirational speeches from role models like Winnie Msamba, Modesta Joseph and Asha Abbas as tech-preneurs who have made changes in he community. At Apps & Girls I made new friends and a family, I became more confident and an opportunist. This organization is very valuable to me because it has helped me realize who I am as well as my capabilities.

The most important thing that I learnt in the incubator.
In the incubator, I learned to always aim higher, to wish for the better things and not to settle for less. At first I used to underestimate myself, thinking I couldn’t achieve any greater things. I was always doubting my abilities until I joined Apps & Girls where my attitude changed and I started thinking big and putting a lot of focus on things that I can do. The incubation helped me unveil potentials I never imagined I have before.

How the incubator helped me to launch my social enterprise/business.
While being in the incubator I met different kinds of people with great minds, people with remarkable ideas. These people planted the spirit of hard work in me and I got motivated to start something of my own. Also Madam Carolyne and Sir Oddo have been great mentors to me because they always see ability in me and help me bring it out, they are good listeners and always answer my questions. In addition to that, the pitching practices that we do has made me confident with speaking skills.

How Apps & Girls has helped me in my academic performance.

Madam Carolyne, founder of Apps & Girls always tells us that we should be role models and being a role model means to inspire other people by showing perfection in everything that we do including our studies and social life. The incubator has been a catalyst to my academic excellence and I thank God my form two national results came out well and I’m now in form four taking science subjects.

Why I would recommend Apps & Girls to a fellow teen.
I would gladly recommend my fellow girls to join Apps & Girls because it is a place where they can realize their true potentials, harness self-worthiness and set their future goals in motion.  In here, it’s all about setting and focusing on your priorities and being determined to achieve your goals. Ever since I became a member of Apps & Girls people, say I have been a different person and even my way of thinking as well as reacting to certain situations has changed for the better and I proudly say its all because of Apps & Girls.

What I would say about Apps & Girls in less than 25 words.

“Through Apps and Girls, girls are in a position to make changes they desire to see in the world”